A curated selection of motion and interactive work.

  1. Chemistry for life

    via vimeo.com 7th ANQUE’s International Congress Opening credits

  2. Nuit Blanche + Making Of

    via vimeo.com The exploration of a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing the connection in hyper real fantasy. Made by Spyfilms.com

  3. MAD MMX - Opening Title Sequence + Making Of

    Direction & Animation: Physalia ( physaliastudio.com ) Music: Tinnitustudio ( myspace.com/tinnitustudio ) (Alex Mediavilla & Egus) Photography Assistant & Making Of: Marc Ambros ( marcambros.com ) 3D Scanning Software: Kyle McDonald ( kylemcdonald.net/ )

  4. apoptosis

    Video for an artist called ‘caelum’ (Released on Aroundtherecords, JP).

  5. The Cinematic Orchestrated - Lilac Wine

    Um videoclip bastante complexo e orgânico para a música “Lilac Wine” popularizada por Jeff Buckley nos anos 90, produzido pelo estúdio BL:ND para celebrar os 50 anos da marca Dr. Martens. A music video really complex and organic for the song “Lilac Wine” made popular by Jeff Buckley in the 90’s, developed by the BL:ND studio to the 50 years of Dr. Martens brand.

  6. onedotzero_adventures in motion festival 2010

    Para quem se esqueceu ainda vai a tempo, porque foi adiado para 16 de julho a data final de submissão para aquele que é um dos melhores festivais do género. onedotzero.com/submissions ONEDOTZERO_ADVENTURES IN MOTION FESTIVAL 2010: FINAL CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! BFI SOUTHBANK, LONDON, 10-14 NOVEMBER 2010 FOLLOWED BY INTERNATIONAL TOUR onedotzero seeks submissions of new moving image work which demonstrates creative expression and ideas across innovative short films, installations, interactive work and live audiovisual performances.

  7. Swarm Light

    The ‘Swarm Light‘ is an experimental light installation with a real ‚collective consciousness’ that subtly reacts to the viewer’s audible presence. The installation is a contemporary example of how the arbitrary boundaries of fine and decorative art, design and utility are no longer of immediate aesthetic relevance. An apparently inanimate object, ‘Swarm‘ unites crucial aspects of rAndom international‘s continued experimentation with light, behavioural responses and interactive spatial environments. The viewers‘ presence creates a soundscape that directly alters the behaviour of the entire environment surrounding ‘Swarm Light‘. Human presence brings a basic form of artificial intelligence to life. Sounds or movement captured as light and shadow create a type of participatory and performative synæsthesia that culminates in an instinctual perception of the space, rather than a cerebral judgement.

  8. I’ll be gone

    Lovely work from KORB, with multiple camera work and details in so few objects, well executed and edited. Music title: MARIO BASANOV & VIDIS feat JAZZU - I’ll be gone Director: Rimantas Lukavicius CGI: Rimantas Lukavicius Producers: Martynas Mickenas, Arunas Matacius Production Company: RGB Inspired by SOBIESKI Year of completion: 2008 Single is available at: junodownload.com/products/1495491-2.htm korb.lt


    The latest nike movie for the elite series, based on the quote: “fastest means greatest”. Showcasing the latest hi-tech soccer boots, the ones that will be on the fields of south africa this world cup.

  10. Mathias Gmachl design with Surelight

    "This design uses over 1000 meters of Surelight neon glow wire and DMXi control to create this stunning installation. It was designed and created by Mathias Gmachl at Loop.ph”

  11. MassiveMusic - Cannes No Party!

    "The Massive Music parties held every year at the Cannes Lions Festival are legendary so PostPanic were happy to act as VJs for the night and create some bespoke graphics to accompany the music. The theme for the party was ‘No Party’ - a perfect starting point for some fun with text and images. A brilliant time was had by all. Roll on Cannes 2010."

  12. MOMENTOS + Making Of

    Porque em Portugal também se produz excelente trabalho, muitas vezes passa-nos ao lado, esta curta do realizador Nuno Rocha para a LG Portugal é um dos últimos exemplos. Fantástico em todos os aspectos, fotografia, edição, caracterização e conceito. "This is a short-film I wrote and directed for LG Portugal. The concept, "Life’s good" was the main purpose of this work." filmesdamente.com